A Restaurant Offering a Point of Difference - a True American Diner Experience!

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Park 7 Diner

Hospitality Place recently had the pleasure to call in for Lunch at Park 7 Diner located in Graceville - Brisbane.

As soon as you enter this wonderful establishment the atmosphere grabs you with the great tunes, people laughing and the smell of great food.

The menu consisted of some great American food delights, I had to order the Caramel Thick shake and the special OKC burger - not for the light hearted! In saying that, I managed to consume the burger with ease due to the mouth-watering flavours. (No dinner for me that night!)

I just could not fault the food including the real American Thick Shake, not an imitation.

The staff were most attentive and made you feel welcome. After the meal, I had the opportunity to have a sit-down chat with Stella from Park 7 Diner, who shared some key insights into their success. Stella shared that only around 40% of their customers are local, as it’s a destination attraction, with customers coming from far and wide to experience the authentic American Diner.

Their key focus areas are:

  • Quality Staff
  • Ultimate service
  • Outstanding food

Stella shared that for your business to work, you must focus on all three points. In regards to obtaining great staff; Stella recommends Jora Local  as it is an easy platform to advertise from.

Marketing Tips:

  • Use of local produce - including wine and food
  • Networking with local sport clubs and associations
  • Hosting events for groups that align with your brand. As an example, they recently held a breakfast for an American Car Club

Advice for someone looking to start a Hospitality Business:

When talking with Stella, you know straight away that she has had extensive experience in hospitality operations. When I asked the question "What advice would you offer someone looking to start their own Hospitality Business?", Stella offered these key tips:

  • You must be passionate and prepared to work in the business
  • Take the time and hire right! The right team is critical
  • Be invested in the business
  • Do your research first and understand the market
  • Network
  • Social marketing is so valuable, take the time to read the reviews as they will provide the guidance for continued improvement.

I would highly recommend Park 7 Diner as a place to visit! It’s an experience for both a social occasion and as a great insight into a wonderful business.

Seats up to 75 - it is recommended to make a booking for later in week and weekends.


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